Thursday, January 28, 2010

Holy Bad Timing, Batman!!!


They are words that strike fear and anxiety into the core of most parents. It was going pretty smoothly for my almost 3 year-old darling. Then, WHAM!!! We got the flu. Not a pretty combination.

A little about our journey: It all started this past summer when Salvador was 2 1/2. I bought him a potty and found that if I left him naked from the waist down, he would sometimes go in his potty. At first I had to suggest it, but later, he would stop playing and run to his potty if he felt he needed to go. Yay! I was pleased, thinking that our victory was close at hand.

Then came little brother, born in August. Suddenly no more potty. No more nakey buns, either. He always wanted to be fully clothed. If asked, "Do you want to sit on your potty?" He'd respond,

"No. Diaper please." OK. Fine.

This was not a great surprise to me. I somewhat expected some regression once Santiago was born.

Finally, it's the new year. Salvador is almost 3. I know he's got all the skills he needs, just not much desire. So, I think - let's have a potty party! We'll make it fun!

So we planned a Super Hero Potty Party. After all, Salvador has been telling us for a few weeks "I a Super Hero!" and proudly flashing his muscles. I made him a cape and mask and appliqued a t-shirt with a Super Salvador 'S'. I bought stickers, balloons, games, a peeing boy doll, and even sewed little "chones" (undies in Spanish) for it. I bought big boy chones in an array of wonderful choices like Cars, Diego and Nemo. I bought a really nice toilet seat adapter by Baby Bjorn so Salvador would feel nice and secure on the toilet. We had charts, stickers and treats. I even bought a pinata and goodies for it. We were ready.

Party day came and went pretty well. We helped Salvador teach his doll, who he named "Goo Goo", to pee and poop on the toilet. By afternoon Salvador was making some attempts. He had a wonderful time flying around in his cape and hitting his pinata. We had about four victories and four misses during the day, but he stayed dry all night and peed in the toilet first thing in the morning, so we were happy as pigs in mud. Next day only one miss and lots of successes. Cruising right along.

Until 2:00 a.m. when the puking started. POW!!!

You know how it is when you're sick. Everything hurts. You feel terrible. You don't want to move. Not even to get up to go to the bathroom. Right? Yeah, well, Salvador certainly didn't feel like going to sit on the toilet. So he didn't. Plus he didn't have much urine to put in there anyway. What he did have was the runs. I'll save you the gory details, but lets just say it's a good thing I had put a towel on the floor just in case. AWKKKKK!!!!

Next day, Salvador is feeling somewhat better but he'd forgotten everything he'd learned on potty party day. ZAM!!! Not a single catch! My wash machine was filled to the rim (like Brim!).

HOLY SMOKES! It's been a long week. Today we've only had two accidents so far and one good catch. We'll still trying to get the poor kid rehydrated.

But I'm sure we'll get there. We'll keep plugging away. We will not go back to diapers, and I am certainly rejoicing about only having one kiddo in diapers, even if it means more pee laundry for a while. So for now, we'll just go with the flow.

Pun intended. KER-SPLOOSH!!!!!

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