Sunday, February 7, 2010

Potty Learning Victories!

So my big boy is moving beyond the set-backs caused by the flu and is doing pretty well with using the toilet. He had an accident in the night last night - poor guy was yelling for me from his room but I wash much too sleepy to hear right away and I arrived too late to get him to the toilet. But besides that he's had several dry days in a row. Almost no accidents! Yay!

He hasn't quite figured out that he can go without me, though. He always comes to me and waits for me to take him to the toilet. Sometimes he still waits for me to help with his pants and chones. Oh well, I'd rather do that than wash diapers!

And the smarty-pants. He's already figured out that these magic words: "My pee is going to come out!!!!!" will get him out of almost anything he doesn't want to do, like quiet time and bedtime.

Smart, smart, smart. That's my kid, alright!

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