Saturday, May 8, 2010

the gift of motherhood

On this eve of Mother's Day, I've been reflecting on my boys, the gift of motherhood and the fleetingness of life. So I sat down and wrote this. I hope you enjoy it.

But a Moment

my precious babe
snuggled close to my chest and my breast
and my heart
time waits close at hand to steal him away
while I beg him to stay

the moments pass so swiftly
like a butterfly that lands softly and offers a flutter or two
then goes again
without saying goodbye
without display or permission
I must be attentive lest it takes flight without my notice

I so long to capture it, keep it in a Mason jar
to claim as mine
and keep it safe
to keep my boy safe from hurt and pain and... time

and yet it is the call of a Mother to both
love and let go
to hold close and nudge away
to give both roots and wings
a joyful, painful, beautiful, holy call

so as another moment vanishes
I ask just this
Dear son, could I hold you just a moment longer?

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