Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy Mom's Bible

If you have children, then you understand the problem I have with time. There's just not enough of it. Most days I wake up to my two small, living alarm clocks and hit the ground running. There's the laundry, dishes, managing a business and two small children... I really want to exercise but it falls to the wayside most days (and as a physical therapist, I should know better!). And prayer? Sigh...

Somtimes I long for the days when I could sit on the couch alone with God for 20 or 30 minutes or more, just soaking in His presence. Life before a husband and children was so much simpler. Not better - I have an amazing life - but there were certainly less distractions and it was definitely easier to find time to pray. No one warned me of how that would change!

In walks the Busy Mom's Bible. I received one of these bibles from Zondervan's and it has quickly become my favorite. It's cute and feminine. Look, I know that doesn't matter, but it doesn't hurt either! What I love are the short reflections scattered throughout. The reflections are designed so that you can read it in just a minute, with some additional scripture and thoughts for if you have more time. So many of the reflections speak to my heart and spirit. They are practical and meaningful for my daily life. I just wish there were more in there! I've read most of the reflections already! I try to keep it in places in the house where I can pick it up and read, even if just for a minute - by the computer or on the dining room table.

If you're looking for a bible, or simply a way to incorporate prayer into your busy life, you might want to consider the Busy Mom's Bible. I still may not have 20 or 30 mintues to sit down and pray, but I find myself reading a little and going about my day in a spirit of prayer. That's the best way to live!

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