Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make your own baby legwarmers

If you'd like to try to make your own baby legwarmers, rather than buying, you can! You just need some tall socks, elastic and some very basic sewing skills.

First, cut the feet off your knee-highs. I left enough at the ankle to try to still use the socks as anklets. To the right, you see some sweater sleeves I cut off and will try to use as well. They are wool, so they'll be warm for winter!

Next, cut some elastic to about the same size as your raw sock edge, plus 1/2 inch seam allowance. I happened to use foldover elastic here because I had some extra scraps around and it's really soft.

Next I sewed my elastic into loops...
Then I turned my sock inside out and sewed the sock to the elastic, right sides together, pretty close to the edge. Make sure you give it a good stretch as you sew!!!
Here's a pic of the elastic sewn on. I usually just leave it like this, with the elastic flipped inside, as shown on the left. To finish further, you could topstitch after flipping the elastic inside the sock.
And here is my handsome little model!
(Sorry - this pic wouldn't turn for me!)
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  1. Oh I love the chubs on here! Thanks for the elastic add-in. I have a pretty good "recipe" for stitching up legwarmers, but I was just thinking I needed to add elastic. You've helped me out; thanks! :) And I never thought to use a sweater! I have some I never wear and will turn into warm leg warmers for H!

  2. And btw, I really meant that nice about the chubbers. It's just that S looks so beautifully, breastfed plump and it's so darn cute! I just want to squeeze his little chubber legs!!